Welcome OBIT Token Airdrop And Pre-Sale

OBIT is the main token in the OneBit payment partner system. Get 200 free OBIT tokens by clicking on the "Get Airdrop" button by paying the minimum system fee. Or take part in the pre-sale and get 10,000 OBIT tokens for 0.05 bnb.

Remaining Pre-Sale Tokens OBIT:


Listing Price 1 OBIT = $0.01

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Auto-burning launched!
Don't miss the chance to be part of the OneBit project! Participate in the airdrop and pre-sale, which are available in limited quantities. For more active members, we offer a 25% referral reward on every transaction through your referral link.
The Automatic Token Burn feature is now enabled for every pre-sale. If a person acts without referrals and buys a token for any amount of BNB, that specific amount will automatically be burned in that same amount from the total supply. This function is intended to further strengthen the price with the goal of maintaining 1 OBIT = $0.01.
OneBit introduces OBIT, a decentralized payment solution for info products and online services. With an Airdrop and Pre-Sale, users can claim free OBIT tokens and invest. An Affiliate Program promises post-pre-sale commissions, and tokenomics details distribution. The roadmap includes key milestones, like listings and a staking pool. The Payment Affiliate Program lets users accept OBIT payments with customizable rewards. Transparent FAQs address concerns, emphasizing trust-building through accountability. OneBit aims to revolutionize decentralized payments, empowering users in its innovative ecosystem.
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AirDrop end 15 March, 2024
(18:00 PM GMT):

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(Please Connect to Binance Smart Chain first.)

Airdrop 20,000,000 OBIT

AirDrop can end at any time if the tokens allocated for it are used up. You don't have to worry about AirDrop expiration since tokens can be depleted at any time.

Buy OBIT Token
Min buy 0.05 BNB
(10,000 OBIT)
Max buy 10 BNB
(2,000,000 OBIT)

(Please Connect to Binance Smart Chain first.)

Pre-Sale 600,000,000 OBIT

Listing Price 1 OBIT = $0.01

Pre-Sale can end at any time if the tokens allocated for it are used up. You don't have to worry about Pre-Sale expiration since tokens can be depleted at any time.

Refferal Bonus
Refer and Get 25% of all Claim and 25% of all Buy
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Basic Questions and Answers:
Latest Updates

How to take part in the Airdrop and Pre-Sale? angle-down
01) Simply visit trustwallet.com and download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the de-fi market. (Remember to never share your seed phrase).
02) Purchase BEP20 BNB to fund your Trust Wallet or Meta Mask wallet.
03) Copy the giveaway page, go to the trust wallet in the browser section, paste the link into the browser, change the network to binance Smart Chain, pay the minimum transaction fee and get 200 free OBIT digital tokens. Or you can take part in the pre-sale by paying 0.05 BNB and you will receive 10,000 OBIT tokens.
When will the launch of the Affiliate Program? angle-down
We are currently in the process of developing an advanced affiliate program for our website. Through this program, our partners will have the opportunity to promote our site and earn commissions based on the sales they generate. The commission rates will range from 65% to 80% for each successful referral resulting in the purchase of our final information product.
To ensure transparent and secure transactions, we are utilizing blockchain technologies and implementing a payment smart contract. This contract acts as a bridge between the buyer, the seller, and the referral partner, enabling seamless and automatic payment distribution to all participants.
Our dedicated team of developers is actively working on the affiliate program, with the official launch planned after the completion of the main pre-sale of the OBIT token. We are also excited to announce that a test version of the partner platform will be introduced in the upcoming global update of the OBIT project.
Once the pre-sale of OBIT tokens concludes successfully, we will proceed with the full launch of the affiliate program. We are committed to providing a professional and efficient platform that offers lucrative opportunities for our partners while delivering exceptional value to our customers.
When and how can I join OBIT Staking? angle-down
The highly anticipated OBIT Staking is set to launch immediately after the Pre-Sale phase. To participate, ensure you have OBIT tokens secured in your Trust Wallet or MetaMask. Stay tuned for detailed instructions on the official channels, and don't forget to take advantage of exclusive benefits by participating in the Pre-Sale. Get ready to actively contribute, earn rewards, and play a pivotal role in fortifying the OneBit network!
What's the significance of OneBit's limited-time offer: 10,000 OBIT for 0.05 BNB? angle-down
The limited-time offer of 10,000 OBIT for 0.05 BNB in OneBit's pre-sale is a strategic move to attract participants with a discounted token rate. This offer not only provides users with the opportunity to acquire a substantial amount of tokens at a reduced cost but also aligns with our commitment to enhancing token value through a unique mechanism.
How does the Automatic Token Burn feature tie into OneBit's pricing strategy? angle-down
OneBit's Automatic Token Burn feature is intricately connected to our pricing strategy. When users make a purchase without referrals using BNB, the exact amount is automatically burned from the total token supply. This deliberate reduction of circulating tokens serves to fortify the token's value. It not only discourages reliance on referrals but also contributes to our overarching goal of maintaining a target value of 1 OBIT = $0.01. The combination of the limited-time offer and token burn creates a dynamic pricing strategy that aims to strengthen the OneBit community and increase token value over time.
Token Information
Token Name - OneBit
Token Symbol - OBIT
Token Decimal - 18
Contract Address -