OneBit token will become a payment stable token through our partnership program.  Our project is launching Airdrop and pre-sale to attract investment for a partner service. After the pre-sale of the token, OneBit will enter the Pancakeswap exchange and the liquidity of the token will be blocked indefinitely for the safety of investors and the affiliate program.

After the pre-sale is completed, our team will launch an affiliate program to maintain a stable price for the OneBit token and a marketing agency to continuously support the project.

What is OneBit Affiliate program?

And what will the OneBIt token be backed by?

OneBit is a decentralized service that accepts payments for information sites that sell information products.

If you have created an electronic product, a training course or provide paid services and you need to enable payment acceptance on the site?

Then the OneBit service is what you need! Just connect to our decentralized network and add your website. Start accepting payments instantly with all popular decentralized payment methods.

We will provide your customers with a convenient and understandable form of payment and detailed video instructions, making the decentralized payment process as simple as possible for your customers.

You can limit yourself to accepting cryptocurrency payments, or you can connect a ready-made affiliate program for your website or to provide online services, set the percentage of deductions for your partners to promote your website.

Affiliate percentage rewards start from 65% to 80%. This means that every willing person, after becoming a partner, thanks to our service, will begin to earn decent and stable income.

Features of the OnBit payment system

Features of the OneBit Affiliate Program

OneBIt will become the only corporate decentralized platform where everyone can start earning from 80% of the profit from each attracted client from the sale of information products or online services of payment system partners. One Bit token will become the main payment token in the affiliate program.

Reliable Progressive Affiliate Program

A ready-made affiliate program for your site, set the percentage of payments to your partners for promoting your site. Interest rates start from 65% to 80% for 1 promotion of your partner to your final information product. Payment is made to the final addresses by all system participants thanks to blockchain technologies and a payment smart contract that plays the role of a bridge between the buyer, the seller and the referral partner.

Easy integration of OneBit tokens

OneBit is a fully decentralized token operating on the BSC network, which makes all transactions to the end addresses of the participants in the system.  After the pre-sale is completed, the initial price of OneBit token will be 1 OBIT = $0.01.  After the launch of the Affiliate Program, the price will rise to 1 – 2 dollars for 1 OneBit token. Since the OneBit token will be used as the main payment method in the partner system.

Pre-Sale And Marketing Company

Prior to the launch of the affiliate program, our partner decentralized payment system is launching a pre-sale of the main OneBit payment token. Symbol of the token OBIT. 250,000,000 OBIT tokens will be used as a pre-sale.Airdrop will be launched in limited quantity. The initial price of 2000 OBIT tokens will cost 0.05 BNB. And in marketing operations, a referral bonus system will be connected, attracting referrals 25% bonus from each attracted referral.

OneBit News Releases

News Releases

Get ahead of the game with OBIT token – the newest and most innovative way to invest in the future. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the next big thing in the world of crypto. Invest now and watch your money grow with OBIT.

By participating in the Airdrop you can get 200 free OBIT tokens

OneBit Tokenomics

Pre-Sale & Airdrop

This section provides basic information about the distribution and planning of OBIT tokens. Strategic features have been added to our token that will provide all holders with a long-term stable income after the completion of the Airdrop and the pre-sale of the token.

Project Start

December 16, 2022 (18:18PM GMT):

Airdrop & Pre-Sale Start:

December 16, 2022 (18:18PM GMT):

Airdrop & Pre-Sale End:

2- nd round of pre-sale ! 7 February, 2024 (18:00PM GMT):

Total Supply: 100%

1,000,000,000 OBIT:

Token Symbol:

Token Symbol (OBIT):

Token Name:

Token Name (OneBit):

Pre-sale: 25%

250,000,000 token OBIT:

Listing Pankeswap: 2%

20,000,000 token OBIT:

Listing Biswap: 2%

20,000,000 token OBIT:

Listing Price:

Official listing price of OneBit token 1 OBIT = $ 0,01

Airdrop: 2%

2,000,000 token OBIT:

Developers and SEO: 3%

3,000,000 OBIT for developers for active project support.:

Marketing 5%

5% of OBIT tokens will be used for marketing development:

Liquidity Lock: 61%

63% of OBIT tokens will be locked in the liquidity pool for further listings.

Contract Address

OBIT contract adress:

If the Airdrop and Presale ends early, then the OBIT token will be launched on the Pancakeswap exchange ahead of schedule.

Airdrop and Pre-Sale Round 2
  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds
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Our Main Road Map

The roadmap reveals all the stages of development of the One Bit project. After the completion of the main points of the project , new points will be updated and added for the development of the affiliate program.


Roadmap 2024

Application OneBit

Payment Affiliate Program

OneBit is a decentralized payment acceptance service and a catalog of platforms connected to the service for the sale of information products or online services. Any user can connect to the service and start accepting payments with all popular decentralized payment methods through cryptocurrency.

Key Benefits of the Payment Affiliate Program

You can limit yourself to only accepting crypto payments, or you can connect a ready-made affiliate program for your website or online services, set up percentages of payments to your partners for promoting your website. Affiliate commissions start from 65% to 85% from one attracted client to your final product.

  • 1 seller can connect an unlimited number of partners to their site.
  • Start earning passive income.
  • Anyone can become a partner and start earning up to 80% of income.
  • The main payment token of information products will be OBIT token.
  • Listing starting price of 1 OBIT token = $0.01
  • After the pre-sale, you can exchange their tokens on the Pancakeswap exchange.

The Leadership Team

The ICO Crypto Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Pablo Johnson
CEO and Lead Developer of the OneBitPayment Affiliate Program
Richard Penkston
Project Designer and BlockchainLead platform developer.
Carlos Moser
Chief Marketer of the project.Over 10 years of marketing and promotion experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions. You will find answers on how to participate in the pre-sale of the project or how to get a free OBIT token. You will also find answers to questions from the OneBit affiliate program.

01) Simply visit and download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the de-fi market. (Remember to never share your seed phrase).
02) Purchase BEP20 BNB to fund your Trust Wallet or Meta Mask wallet.
03) Copy the giveaway page, go to the trust wallet in the browser section, paste the link into the browser, change the network to binance Smart Chain, pay the minimum transaction fee and get 200 free OBIT digital tokens. Or you can take part in the pre-sale by paying 0.05 BNB and you will receive 2000 OBIT tokens.

Anyone after receiving free OBIT tokens has the right to participate in the referral program. Also, if the participant receives OBIT tokens in the pre-sale, then he will be able to become a referral of the project and receive bonuses in the amount of 25% for each referral attracted. Referral bonuses are automatically sent to the Meta Mask or Trust Wallet owner address.

The pre-sale and airdrop is due to end on 7 February, 2024 (18:00PM GMT) its 2 - nd round of pre-sale. But if the pre-sale tokens run out before the specified time, in this case, the Launch will be earlier than the scheduled day.

After the launch, the OBIT token will be launched on the Pancakeswap exchange in parallel with the affiliate program itself, where there will be sellers of information products or services. In this affiliate program, the main payment token will be the OBIT token. This means that over time, with the development of the affiliate program, the OBIT token will rise in price and become more popular.

After the completion of the pre-sale, before launching on the Pancakeswap exchange, there will be an official Audit of the OBIT token.

If the project does not have time to sell all 25% of the pre-sale OBIT tokens within the specified time limit in this case, a vote will be announced. There will be 2 development options. Either the rest of the pre-sale tokens will be sent to a dead address and burned, but in this case, the price of 1 OBIT token will be determined by an exclusive exchange. Or a second round will be announced to sell the remaining OBIT tokens and keep the price of the token before listing on Pancakeswap. Since our marketing department team will take all high-profile tools and efforts for promotion and marketing on all popular social networks paid aggressive advertising. That OBIT pre-sale tokens may end in the first 30 days after the launch of the project. This means that many people will not physically have time to connect to the pre-sale and become the first holders since places will be limited. And there will be no physical pre-sale tokens left for others.

After the launch of the main service, the payment affiliate program will be listed by Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. You can track this event in the project roadmap.

Our team and our project do not force anyone to trust our project. Since there is one indisputable fact in our project, We never ask our holders to judge us by the success of the project. We ask holders to judge us by failures, because there are practically none. In the case of the OneBit affiliate program, every ordinary person has the opportunity to receive passive income from 65% to 80% of the profit from each information product. Because trust takes years to build and trust is very hard to get.

Dear friends! 😊 We are happy to announce the launch of the second round of pre-sales of our project! We are happy to share good news: after fixing problems on our site and improving security, we are ready to announce the start of the second round of presale. 🚀 We would like to apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and support. The second round of pre-sale will provide you with a new opportunity to join our project and become part of our community. Please stay tuned to our updates and announcements for the latest news on the second round of the presale. We really appreciate your support and are ready to answer all your questions. 🙌 Thank you for your trust and participation! 🌟 Best wishes, OneBit Team

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